ProcDSL + ProcEd -- a Web-based Editing Solution for Domain Specific Process-Engineering


In a high-tech country products are becoming rapidly more complex. To manage the development process as well as to encounter unforeseen challenges, the understanding and thus the explicit modeling of organizational workflows is more important than ever. However, available tools to support this work, in most cases force a new notation upon the company or cannot be adapted to a given publication layout in a reasonable amount of time. Additionally, collaboration among colleagues as well as different business units is complicated and less supported. Since it is of vital importance for a company to be able to change its processes fast and adapt itself to new market situations, the need for tools supporting this evolution is equally crucial. In this paper we present a domain specific language (DSL) developed for modeling a company’s workflows. Furthermore, the DSL is embedded in a web-based editor providing transparent access using modern web 2.0 technologies. Results of the DSL’s as well as the editor’s application to document, model, and improve selected workflows of a German automotive manufacturer are presented.

Proceedings of 9th OOPSLA Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM)